The New Book Officially Has A Title!

From Death to Valhalla Book One of The Last Einherjar There you go. Book and series title. I’ve got 23 of 35 chapters done. It was a close call for the title, but it alllll came down to me deciding which one I wanted and the votes meant nothing. Now I’ve got to find a cover […]

A 2017 Sort of Update

What is a 2017 update, I hear you cry. Well, it’s a normal, boring update, just in 2017. So let’s roll over my plan for the year and do some updates on what’s been going on. Firstly, WorldMuncher. It’s in a basically working state and I’ll be fixing up bugs for a bit without adding […]

Reviews and The New Book

I’ll drop this at the beginning before explaining: If you’ve read and enjoyed my books, please consider posting a review on Amazon. Short is fine. It’ll help me out a lot. So, let’s start it up. I hate review begging, I really do. Sadly, idealism meets reality fairly often and this is one of those situations I […]

Orycon 38 Post Mortem

Whew. Another con down, another mild success, considering. Haha. Skip to the end to ignore my wholly incomplete breakdown. So Orycon has me in something of a contemplative mood, I have to say. It’s a bit of a weird conundrum and one I didn’t expect to have to consider overall. Basically it’s a question of […]

Husk: The First Book is Available NOW!

It’s exciting, right? Here are some links before I get to the preview stuff! GO BUY IT! PAPERBACK – EBOOK Usually takes a few days for the listings to be joined. But let’s skip all the talk! If you’ve been following along you know that Husks is a post-apocalyptic Western sort of book set in a […]

Almost Final Husks Update; More Software Fun

OKAY! Husks is edited. Doing interior layout tomorrow, so that’s exciting! Come buy it at Orycon! Toni Infante, my amazing cover artist for Husks: The First Book, posted up a preview. And being as I would find myself morally remiss if I didn’t post it here, I WILL! Tell me that isn’t a glorious thing? […]

Book Update; And Some Software Pieces

I’m going to ramble about social media. Really, just Twitter. Before that, a few updates! The first eight chapters of Husks: The First Book are edited. The amazing super secret covert artist is starting up work on my book cover as well. Should be done in a week or so. I’m crazy excited to see what the […]

Husks: The First Book is Done

Whew. I keep trying to think of things to blog about, but the internet is a pretty boring place these days. And frankly, no one really pays attention to this site thing except for maybe looking at the books I have for sale. I’m definitely grateful for that second one, for sure, and thanks to anyone […]

Where Stories Go To Die

So, Weiss and the Dead Girl is in the dumpster. Officially. Not gonna write it. For anyone who cares, don’t worry. I have about a dozen other stories that are already developed and are basically ready to go. I’ll be shifting to one of those. In the interests of having some new content on the blog, […]

Weiss Update And Some Writing Rambling

Woof. Surgery. Right? Not a fan. Don’t like it. I’m not dead. In fact there’s brilliant news. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let me just bitch briefly about how awful having surgery is. I think that was my last one for a bit. I think. I’ve got this eye thing going […]