The Hugo Vote Vote Ramble

In checking blogs between furious mastur… writing sessions (15 chapters left as of this writing), I ran across George R.R. Martin’s complaint about the upcoming Hugo Vote Vote. It also lines up fairly well with File770s sum up using 2015 data. That is to say, the fine WorldCon elite are voting on what sort of amendments […]

Fantasy Writing 101: The Hook – A cheap lie to start a lazy book.

DISCLAIMER: This is only in the vaguest of ways a response to Artemis_Aquarius’s reddit post. It’s closer to a short essay on The Hook as a literary device. SECOND DISCLAIMER: It’s also an old post from Tumblr. And one that swings between criticizing lazy, blatant world-building exposition and The Hook proper. This is why structure is […]

I Forgot to Take My Trash Out

I sort of lost track of what day it was. Honestly, I can really only even keep track of what day it is at any given time based on which restaurants are open. It gives me a reason to bother looking at a calendar. You might not think the title is true, but my trash […]

The Hugos Make The Internet A Happy Place

26 chapters left now in One’s Own Shadow. I’ll have new covers ready pretty soon. Expect to see some previews here. Also, re-edited versions my other two books will be going up when I get done with Book Two. So, the Sad Puppies/Hugo stuff is still going on. The newspapers of the world seem to have […]

Orycon 38 and a World of Donkey-Based Hope

So, I’m going to be at Orycon 38 in Portland this November. It’s about the only thing I can manage to attend this year, accept for maybe a thing at the same hotel around New Years. I forget what they one’s called. I’ll add a schedule to my little… to the thingy. The website. I’ll […]

A Hugo Non-Post and Blog Apathy Rambling

Well, here I am again. You know, I should really not be allowed near the “Add New Post” page on any platform. I come in well-intentioned like so many African missionaries but, really, I just end up abandoning the whole thing when my feeling that I should really be on top of my bloggering falls by the […]