A Hugo Non-Post and Blog Apathy Rambling

Well, here I am again.

You know, I should really not be allowed near the “Add New Post” page on any platform. I come in well-intentioned like so many African missionaries but, really, I just end up abandoning the whole thing when my feeling that I should really be on top of my bloggering falls by the wayside.

Still, I’m going to try to remember to do it. I will forget. I know I will. But I’d really genuinely like to pretend that people care about anything I have to say. I’m not naive enough anymore to believe that idea, but HEY! What’s it going to hurt, really? It’s not like I have any adult responsibilities.

Thirty chapters left in One’s Own Shadow, by the way. 15 days or so. Might be a bit later owing to minor life delays here and there. Gonna take a short break when it’s done to develop a world and early story arcs for another project and then I’ll be doing a comedy novel called Cyberpunk Trashcan.

I could probably get a hit or two if I posted about the Hugos, but at this point I feel like there’s not much to say. Everyone needs to relax a little and stop trying to be the winner of miniature wars. Or at the very least, stop pretending that the outcome of those wars for some segment our little niche in the world do not spell the end of everything we’ve ever loved.

Jim Butcher will sell well without a Hugo. So will John Scalzi. It’s just an award. Awards are supposed to be a bit of fun. Especially in something like Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Nobody smiles anymore on the internet. Everyone just pretends whatever is happening that day is the most important thing that’s ever happened and if we don’t love it/hate it en masse, right away, society will collapse. Jesus, it’s exhausting, isn’t it? Society will be fine and yelling never made anyone change their mind about anything. And even when people disagree, it doesn’t mean one side or the other even NEEDS to change their mind. So long as there’s room for everyone at the table, let them eat.

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