Orycon 38 and a World of Donkey-Based Hope

So, I’m going to be at Orycon 38 in Portland this November. It’s about the only thing I can manage to attend this year, accept for maybe a thing at the same hotel around New Years. I forget what they one’s called. I’ll add a schedule to my little… to the thingy. The website. I’ll do that at some point so people can know where I will be. No one cares. I got two hits on the site today. Haha. I’m not delusional, I’m just sort of planning and hoping for the best and trying to better my whole SEO deal so people  stop thinking  I am that fucking Tomato Conspiracy guy. It’s a real motherfucker I had to share a name with a dude who is basically just shy of a chem trail nut. He might even be one. I don’t know. Maybe he’s dead. Not that I hope he is.

Anyway, I think that’s the main takeaway here. I can blog to nobody for no reason instead of just posting to Twitter. Really, I should cross-post. But yeah, I sort of want to have some content here for when I finally finish Book 2 (28 chapters left) and get around to doing some actual advertising and door-to-door begging and that sort of thing. Preferably meaningful content. I haven’t blogged since I was a kid, though and I really want to resist the urge to turn this into a fucking rant space like so many other people do. Like I said last time, no one seems to like fun anymore. I’ll try to like fun. Or at least be reasonable among all the crazy.

On the bright side, I got to write some fun chapters today. Masturbation and murder. Top quality stuff. I don’t think I could be a young adult author, honestly.

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