Cyberpunk Trashcan: Gaiden – A Short Side Story

This is a short, one-shot Cyberpunk Trashcan side-story about buying delicious juice. It’s supposed to be a simple transaction, right? I just come in here, I open the fucking fridge door, I pull out the juice, my account gets charged, and then I get to go back to my life. Super simple. Easy stuff. Probably […]

I’m Not Dead. I think?

Hey. How’s things? Feelin’ good? Since no one really comes to the site (really, seriously) I figure I’ll post a few scattered writing related things I’m working on. I’m planning on starting a web novel at some point. I’ve got a story idea, no idea how much I’m going to plan it out. Chapter at […]

What I’m Working On

I think I average about 5 visitors a week to the website. Indicative as that is of the massive interest in my continued presence on planet Earth, I’ll now provide an update on the things I’ve been working and preemptively answer heretofore unasked questions regarding the state of my long-form prose output to sate the […]

Husks: The Second Book is out now!

I know I don’t update my blog ever, but I can’t be help responsible for the fact that I’m a deeply irresponsible person. That said, hey! Good news! Husks: The Second Book is out now! Paperback: Ebook: And hey! Why not a look at the cover? Since I’m sending this one out as a newsletter, […]

Husks 2.

Comin’ out soon. Probably it’s gonna be good. Here’s a picture of a crotch.

Norwescon 40 is Over and Husks Book 2 is Starting

So, books first, as per the usual. I’m starting up Husks Book 2 tomorrow. Or the day after. Look, I can’t be expected to keep track of this sort of shit. Toni, the cover artist, is busy with comic stuff until June, so that’s when the book will be coming out. The current plan is […]

Back from Salt Lake FanX and Husks Book 2 Updates

First off, hi to my new Mailing List people! Thanks for throwing your name on my list. Hope you enjoyed the books if you bought some. And feel free to come read a bit on the site if not. Let’s talk about FanX! Salt Lake was fun, if a bit quiet considering how many people […]

From Death to Valhalla is Out!

No one reads the blog!!!!! But that’s fine! From Death to Valhalla is out now! Here’s a link: Give it a look! No need for pictures in this one. Samples up on Amazon and on the book page here. And hey, it’s a steal!

From Death to Valhalla Cover and Interior Reveal

UPDATE: The Kindle version is available on Amazon. Paperback in a day or so. Whew! Can’t wait until three people look at this one. I’m practically a mythical being at this point, what with all this popularity. Alright, fuck it, let’s get to it! The book page is up over here and you can read the first chapter […]

From Death to Valhalla Updates and A Bit About Rustycon

So let’s start it off with book stuff. From Death to Valhalla is done! Editing is coming along, but it’s all done up, chapter-wise. Better yet! It’s looking about 99% probable that I have a cover artist. We’ll see. Haha. So I should have the book done for FanX in Salt Lake. I know ALL […]