From Death to Valhalla Cover and Interior Reveal

UPDATE: The Kindle version is available on Amazon. Paperback in a day or so.

Whew! Can’t wait until three people look at this one. I’m practically a mythical being at this point, what with all this popularity.

Alright, fuck it, let’s get to it! The book page is up over here and you can read the first chapter right now, even though the book isn’t out yet.

Here’s the cover! Art by the amazing Laovaan. He really helped me out of a tight jam, timing-wise.

No one will care about the interior after seeing the cover, but here you go, I nice little look:

It’ll be out on Amazon in a few days! Keep an eye out! Or don’t! I don’t care! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(imcryingontheinside)