I’m Not Dead. I think?


How’s things? Feelin’ good?

Since no one really comes to the site (really, seriously) I figure I’ll post a few scattered writing related things I’m working on.

I’m planning on starting a web novel at some point. I’ve got a story idea, no idea how much I’m going to plan it out. Chapter at a time sort of stuff. I’ll figure out where I’m posting it later.

I’m working on a shounen manga thing. I was working on two of them. I’m forgetful. I forgot to e-mail Toni back like a year ago and I’m sad about that. I feel like a bad friend over that. Still, we’ll see how those go. Comic stuff is always slow.

Game is a bit stagnant, but only because I was doing some Twitch shit. I might be getting back to it (the game) soon, but the short version is that a lot of the super basic stuff is in place. Soon I’ll have to start building UI and interaction functionality that’s not just backend stuff. NPC scheduling and AI are mostly in place. Good times.

Just did RCCC. It was nice seeing some folks. Ya boi Ray stopped by and said some nice works. Eric did too.

Okay, I’m done. Good job me.