I’m Not Dead. I think?


How’s things? Feelin’ good?

Since no one really comes to the site (really, seriously) I figure I’ll post a few scattered writing related things I’m working on.

I’m planning on starting a web novel at some point. I’ve got a story idea, no idea how much I’m going to plan it out. Chapter at a time sort of stuff. I’ll figure out where I’m posting it later.

I’m working on a shounen manga thing. I was working on two of them. I’m forgetful. I forgot to e-mail Toni back like a year ago and I’m sad about that. I feel like a bad friend over that. Still, we’ll see how those go. Comic stuff is always slow.

Game is a bit stagnant, but only because I was doing some Twitch shit. I might be getting back to it (the game) soon, but the short version is that a lot of the super basic stuff is in place. Soon I’ll have to start building UI and interaction functionality that’s not just backend stuff. NPC scheduling and AI are mostly in place. Good times.

Just did RCCC. It was nice seeing some folks. Ya boi Ray stopped by and said some nice works. Eric did too.

Okay, I’m done. Good job me.

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  1. Hi Randall,

    I’m just checking in again to see how you are doing. Looks like you are still in a tough creative space but hey who isn’t these days with the rise of machine learning, procedural art making etc. Well screw that. Humans tells stories to humans so come on man and launch those projects so we can support them. Fire up a Patreon page and give writing workshops and push a new short story a month or something. You mentioned you were on Twitch so you know the score. People love conversation and enjoy hanging with people who make stuff, no matter what it is. Give the party leader roll a try if you can and if you do have to return to the world of “paying work” well that’s not so bad either as long as you create in the off hours. I could tell you all about my creative journeys but hey its not my page its yours and I came here to support you, so buck up hero and dig in, its going to be an epic journey.

    I’ll check in with you again soon, until than take care and dream big.

    1. I’m still working on a lot of things in the background. I was planning to do a blog update to cover a bit of the delays on that stuff.

      The main thing causing delays, which I intend on going over once I know for sure, is that I’ve been having some crazy health issues. Seems like it might be rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease that’s making things complicated at the moment. Really hurting my ability to concentrate on much of anything, let alone be productive in a creative sense.

      Still! I have plans for the web novel. As for Patreon, I’ve considered one of those for my writing, but I wanted to build a bit of a web-based following there before looking into it. Sadly that’s about the time all the weird health problems kicked off. But seeing a rheumatologist in December and hopefully that will get me on a path to treatment. Everything’s a bit slower than I’d like, though.

    1. I have extensive notes for book two of Cyberpunk Trashcan. And by extensive I mean I have three notes.

      I’ll definitely do that or another comedy book someday after I clear up this health shit. Probably book two of that first.

    1. They’re vulgar in different ways. I never thought of them as particularly vulgar or fucked up, but apparently my standards for what’s acceptable to people is way off. Haha. Not that I tried to be acceptable.

  2. No need to thank me, the book had me cracking like I haven’t in a long, long time. But seriously, you need to stop slacking off and deliver some more Laze. Such a legend cannot end in a single story.

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