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I think I average about 5 visitors a week to the website. Indicative as that is of the massive interest in my continued presence on planet Earth, I’ll now provide an update on the things I’ve been working and preemptively answer heretofore unasked questions regarding the state of my long-form prose output to sate the slavering curiosity of the restless masses.

The Fallout 4 Mod

It hasn’t been mentioned here, but it’s been the subject of a few abject streaming failures and mixed messages from my Discord, but I’m working on a Fallout 4 mod. I’m working on it as a sort of a portfolio piece for the inevitable return to the working world. My hope is that if I put enough work into it, I can use it to get a job writing for games (combined with all my other output). We’ll see how it goes, but so far writing is coming along well, scripting’s in a good place. It has a few characters in it. Probably going to be three NPCs. The companion’s the main focus and I’m hoping I can tell her story well without being overbearing.

Anyway, her name’s Liu Bai. I’ll probably post here when she’s released.

The Game

No title yet. It’s a Stardew Valley/Animal Crossing sort of game. 2D, making it in Unity. You curate a museum in a small mountain town. Tons of work left to do on it. Not much else to say. It’ll have a load of characters and things to do. It’s on the back burner a bit since I am making enough money on streaming at the moment to pay bills. I’ll have more to say about it later.

The Books

HA! Good one. No single book I’ve published has, at this point, managed to pay off the price of the cover art for the books. To say nothing of living expenses of any amount or even the cost of purchasing copies for sale at conventions (let alone the conventions themselves except for a single case or two).

My current, semi-disingenuous statement on the matter is that I’ll write the next book in any given series when I sell enough copies on Amazon to have paid off any of the covers. So look for Husks book 3 in, I dunno, maybe 2020? But by then, I’ll be out of saved up cash and back to working a full time job if nothing I’m during currently works out. So, hey! Enjoy my other stuff. The mod will be free, so that’s good, right?

Okay! Back to work. You can check the streams out at: https://twitch.tv/digiwombat

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  1. Sorry to hear that your books have yet to return on your time investment. I’ve purchased both of your Husk books and Cyberpunk Trashcan, enjoyed them tremendously and recommend them to my friends on a regular basis whenever good books come up in conversation. Creativity sadly is the long game. Keep playing my friend and success will come your way in time. Rob.

    1. Hey, thanks for the kind words. I know it’s almost cliche to say they mean a lot, but it does. It’s an incredibly silent job being an indie author. That said, I love telling stories so I don’t plan to stop until I’m dead.

      I’m changing the shape of the writing a bit for the game project, but I’ll be back to novels at some point, I’m sure. They’re pretty much the only thing I can do where there’s no outside force that can stop the project from getting done.

      Still! I’ll keep going! Just gotta try something potentially more likely to pay the bills. Haha. Reality’s the worst.

  2. Hey Randall, met you at RCCC 2017 and my first sentence to you was “Dude, Puck is fuckin awesome!”. I’m the Dad of the Macalino Authors.

    I just finished both Husks books and am in the middle of Trashcan. Man I hope that you don’t talk like you write in these books because you will either be worshipped like a madman or hated for being a jackass like Laze.

    Regarding the business of selling books, it’s possible to make money on it. For example, we were at Cherry City Comic Con last weekend and we made over $1000 over the two days. At RCCC last year we cleared $1700. I will tell you that bundles sell over singles. But you also need to be a salesman. You won’t make anything at Artist Alley because you won’t have the look and space to engage the foot traffic to sell anything. It’s not easy work but hey $1700 is $1700. At RCCC this year we upgraded to a corner and expect to clear $2k at the event.

    The other thing is you have to find people like me and Robert in the other comment because there are millions of us: people who want to read good, fast paced stories with great characters.

    There are people who know how to write and then there are people who know how to tell stories. I prefer the latter and put you in that bucket.

    Finally, (spoiler alert for those who have not read HUSKS 2 !!! You’ve been warned!) finally, screw you for effing off Lei. Dude why? That would’ve made for a great cliffhanger if she was left with the Skin and Bones people and she said, “I’ll be back” we’ll no she won’t say that coz it’s too fluffy. Anyway, hope you say in Husks 3 that Lei’s computer chip memory survived and get transplanted to a Corgy named Ein.

    Find me at RCCC if you’re coming this year if you wanna chat.

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