Husks: The Second Book is out now!

I know I don’t update my blog ever, but I can’t be help responsible for the fact that I’m a deeply irresponsible person.

That said, hey! Good news! Husks: The Second Book is out now!



And hey! Why not a look at the cover?

Since I’m sending this one out as a newsletter, some small updates: I won’t be able to make it to Salt Lake Comic Con or Jet City Comic Show. Health stuff, sadly. Nothing bad, just fixing up old problems. That’s life. I’ll still be at Eugene and Rose City though. So come visit. Tell me you love me.

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  1. Hey there

    I am so damn hyped right now about husks 2

    Do you know when the paperback will be available in Germany?
    Don’t wanna wait a month for an import and maybe even problems with the customs….

    I’d appreciate a response 😀

    Have a great day ^^

    1. Hey! Glad you dug the first one (please review it :D:D:D:D:D:D)

      Also, the paperback should be up on

      You can find it here:

      And if there are any problems with that order, let me know and I’ll make sure I get you a copy somehow. SOMEHOW!

      Also, if you buy a paperback, you can get the ebook version for free through Amazon Matchbook (because no one should have to buy an ebook copy of a book they own as far as I’m concerned), so if the paperback gets caught up, that’s another way to get ahold of it.

      And thanks for liking my books. It means a ton.

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