Cyberpunk Trashcan: Gaiden – A Short Side Story

This is a short, one-shot Cyberpunk Trashcan side-story about buying delicious juice. It’s supposed to be a simple transaction, right? I just come in here, I open the fucking fridge door, I pull out the juice, my account gets charged, and then I get to go back to my life. Super simple. Easy stuff. Probably […]

Husks: The Second Book is out now!

I know I don’t update my blog ever, but I can’t be help responsible for the fact that I’m a deeply irresponsible person. That said, hey! Good news! Husks: The Second Book is out now! Paperback: Ebook: And hey! Why not a look at the cover? Since I’m sending this one out as a newsletter, […]

Back from Salt Lake FanX and Husks Book 2 Updates

First off, hi to my new Mailing List people! Thanks for throwing your name on my list. Hope you enjoyed the books if you bought some. And feel free to come read a bit on the site if not. Let’s talk about FanX! Salt Lake was fun, if a bit quiet considering how many people […]

Husks: The First Book is Done

Whew. I keep trying to think of things to blog about, but the internet is a pretty boring place these days. And frankly, no one really pays attention to this site thing except for maybe looking at the books I have for sale. I’m definitely grateful for that second one, for sure, and thanks to anyone […]

Cyberpunk Trashcan Working, One’s Own Shadow Up

Okay! I just wanted to do a quick update. I have this blog for blogging, so I should blog on this blog. And hey! I can test out my new mailing list plugin. Cyberpunk Trashcan, my next book, is working. I have 12 chapters written and 6 left to go. I’ve contacted a potential cover […]