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Husks: The First Book is Done

Whew. I keep trying to think of things to blog about, but the internet is a pretty boring place these days. And frankly, no one really pays attention to this site thing except for maybe looking at the books I have for sale. I’m definitely grateful for that second one, for sure, and thanks to anyone who bought a copy of something. Or read a copy. Or found a copy in a ditch and flipped through it.

Alright! Time to focus up. Husks is done. The cover is being worked on as we speak. My Black Beast is only a buck. Lots of fun stuff going on. I’ve got the events page all updated and it reports the two cons I know I’ll be going to for sure. Might be adding Cherry City Comic Con to that sometimes soon. They cashed the check.

Who knows, man. Places get weird about exhibitor spots sometimes. I have a few other places in mind, but the spots are juried, so they may just decide not to have me so they can sport another bead and carved wood booth. Can’t say I blame ’em.

Anyway, updates on Husks book one coming soon. First chapter is up on the Facebook page exclusively, so maybe go give that a look if you give a shit.

That’s all! Facebook page is: