Bucket Newsletter

Back from Salt Lake FanX and Husks Book 2 Updates

First off, hi to my new Mailing List people! Thanks for throwing your name on my list. Hope you enjoyed the books if you bought some. And feel free to come read a bit on the site if not.

Let’s talk about FanX! Salt Lake was fun, if a bit quiet considering how many people were there. I was expecting it to be a bit more crowded, like Wondercon or something like that. That didn’t end up being the case, but I still met a load of people and came home and immediately got sick. FAAAAANTASTIC. Still, I signed up for Salt Lake Comic Con in September, so I’ll be doing the twelve hour drive again. It’s really some sort of sickness but it was great meeting the people down there so I can’t help myself. Clearly I’m just sucking up to the mailing list subscribers now. IT’S BLATANT PANDERING FOLKS! But that’s fine. It was a good time, I had some great food at Johnny Slice. Got to eat In’N’Out for the first time in a few years. I sat near some good people. Had a brief but pleasant little chat with Michaelbrent Collings and a longer set of talks with his mom, who is an amazing human being.

All in all, it was a pretty good time. I broke my meager con sales record. I’m hoping the people in Salem for Cherry City take that as a personal insult and buy a million books to turn it into a very beneficial pissing contest.

So let’s talk about Husks book 2. Planning is trudging along. Crucially, I have the ending figured out. It’s a complex ending so I have to set it up properly, which will be a bit of trouble. But that’s fine. I also need to sort of set up some stuff to move the world forward. Ongoing book, woo! FUN! But it’s planned through chapter eight or so. I’ve got a few cons coming up in a few weeks so it might be slow going. I am looking forward to finishing the planning so I can get Toni working on the cover. I’m excited for that! I HOPE YOU ARE TOO!

I’ve got some other secret stuff going on. You’ll see. YOU’LL SEE. Now I’m going to stop typing so I can sit in my computer chair and cough until I keel over dead. It’s constant and exhausting! 😀 YEAH!