I Forgot to Take My Trash Out

I sort of lost track of what day it was. Honestly, I can really only even keep track of what day it is at any given time based on which restaurants are open. It gives me a reason to bother looking at a calendar.

You might not think the title is true, but my trash can is half full and it will only get fuller… more full? And then things could get pretty dicey, guys. Serious. You don’t fucking get it. I AM OFFERING YOU PEOPLE A WINDOW INTO MY LIFE AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?! HUH?!

New book covers are done. Well, the art’s done. Haven’t updated them yet. I will get to that right after I finish writing up the SEQUEEEELLLLLL. Yeah! It’s coming along. Twenty-four chapters left. I will post a reveal of them later on, a little teaser for the people on twitter who get tricked into clicking these links but don’t care about the books.

I didn’t have any deeper thing to talk about today. I just wanted to scream about trash and keep the blog… blogs… blogging. People are clearly loving it. That said, I need to start writing down some shit. Stuff to talk about. I have some vaguely philosophical things in mind. And then… you know, writing stuff. But I keep forgetting. I’m doing about six thousand words per day right now and at the end of the day my brain is sort of ruined.

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