Northwest Comic Fest Post Mortem and My Next Book

So this is thing I’ve seen a couple other people do and in my quest to desperately be like other people,  I also will do it. First things first though, I’m going to try to get my next book done in time OryCon 38. It’s going to be called Weiss and the Dead Girl (most likely) and […]

Cyberpunk Trashcan Cover and Interior

Woo! It’s time, boys and girls. Time to reveal the cover and interior design for Cyberpunk Trashcan. I HOPE YOU’RE FUCKING EXCITED. I before I put the pictures in, I will talk a bit about design ideas. First and foremost, Cyberpunk Trashcan being a comedy, I wanted a book that said “Here’s something different” on […]

Cyberpunk Trashcan Almost Here and A Con in August

Whew. I said I was going to do one of these. We’re finally getting around to it. So let’s talk Cyberpunk Trashcan for a second. At the moment, all final changes are in. Editing is done. All I have to do is lay the book out and do some design for the interior and cover. […]

My Contribution To A Regrettable Pop Culture Attention Grab

Obligatory updates: Edit is done on Cyberpunk Trashcan. Cover is in progress. Few weeks, hopefully. Probably going to Northwest Comic Fest. Larger updates on all that a bit later. I really tried, you know? I tried to not say anything about the new Ghostbusters movie because, frankly, I really don’t care about it. I like […]

Complaints of a Pointless Nature

Compulsory Pre-Blog Updates: Three days until Cyberpunk Trashcan finishes editing. Cover artist found and hopefully workin’. I should start, before my thesis, by saying that I do not think that technology is an inherently bad thing. There is no such thing, I believe, as an inherently bad existence. I love technology. It is one of […]

Cyberpunk Trashcan Working, One’s Own Shadow Up

Okay! I just wanted to do a quick update. I have this blog for blogging, so I should blog on this blog. And hey! I can test out my new mailing list plugin. Cyberpunk Trashcan, my next book, is working. I have 12 chapters written and 6 left to go. I’ve contacted a potential cover […]

Everything’s Going To Be Fine

No one else seems to be saying it, and I’m just self-important to believe putting it on my blog no one reads will do the job. Still, I want to say it and that’s what all this shit is for. I am not an old man. Not quite. Not yet. I’m not scared of social media […]

Cyberpunk Trashcan Planned, No One’s Chosen Updated

Just minor update shit. The Hugo Drama has died down, so there’s not a lot of bullshit to pour over and try to be reasonable about. I still don’t care about politics. Well… that’s untrue. I CARE that the country be not shit, which politics are party to in some ways. That’d be ideal. I […]

No One’s Chosen Complete! Cover/Interior Reveal

The book is finally done! The whole shebang clocks in at around 175k words and I’ll probably have it up for purchase in three weeks or so, if I can manage it. Got to do another round of story proofreading and things like that. And remember, I’m planning to be at OryCon this November, so […]

Writing Real Fast and Other Protips

I wrote this under threat of sleep, like four hours after I concepted the post at all. It didn’t go where I wanted. Who cares? It’s just blogs! Six chapters to go on One’s Own Shadow. Updated cover and interior, plus book 2 cover reveal when I’m done. Three days or so. Oh boy. This […]