No One’s Chosen Complete! Cover/Interior Reveal

The book is finally done! The whole shebang clocks in at around 175k words and I’ll probably have it up for purchase in three weeks or so, if I can manage it. Got to do another round of story proofreading and things like that. And remember, I’m planning to be at OryCon this November, so if you want to come by and say hey (all two of you) then DO IT! DO IT! DON’T BE A BABY!

But let’s talk about how things are going to look! I commissioned the incomparable Anna Dittmann to bring the four POV characters in the book to life. She did, and I cannot say this strongly enough, A FUCKING AMAZING JOB. Here they are:

Small_Socair_preview Small_Oraithe_preview

I am handling the layout/text design for the cover and the interior of the books. I’m happy with the look, and will likely only nudge things around here and there to make sure they are top biggity. And since there’s the book covers, here’s the interior.

WINWORD_2016-05-23_14-10-54 WINWORD_2016-05-23_14-12-41 WINWORD_2016-05-23_14-13-27

Jeez, I wanted to ramble about this stuff more. Maybe I will more when the book is properly out. I’ll firm up a date later. And that’s enough preview time!

I will be posting the full art that Anna Dittmann did for the covers when I get the books all laid out and updated. In the mean time, let me know what you think. Bother me on Twitter if you don’t care about this whole thing.

Whew. Okay. I still have a ton of work to do laying all this shit out. BACK AT IT!

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