Cyberpunk Trashcan Planned, No One’s Chosen Updated

Just minor update shit. The Hugo Drama has died down, so there’s not a lot of bullshit to pour over and try to be reasonable about. I still don’t care about politics.

Well… that’s untrue. I CARE that the country be not shit, which politics are party to in some ways. That’d be ideal. I think there are a range of ways we arrive at that general outcome and that none of the people currently running are likely to entirely ruin everything the country is. Mostly I think all of the complaints we’re dealing with in the modern era aren’t going to matter in 10-20 years owing to rapidly advancing technology. No one is really talking about that stuff to the exclusion of Sanders months ago. But he’s been pulled off track in a lot of ways and the conversation is more reactionary and confrontational and I am just ready for the fucking election to be done so everyone will calm the fuck down.

But yeah. My ideal world is one where I can just write stories, not care, play video games. I doubt that’s much of a surprise to anyone.

Anyway, back on topic. This post went to shit real fast.  So my next novel is fully planned out. And No One’s Chosen is updated on Amazon, ebook and paperback.

I’m distracted watching Funhaus crap, but you get the gist. Editing on One’s Own Shadow is coming along. Still a little bit left.


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