Cyberpunk Trashcan Cover and Interior

Woo! It’s time, boys and girls. Time to reveal the cover and interior design for Cyberpunk Trashcan. I HOPE YOU’RE FUCKING EXCITED.

I before I put the pictures in, I will talk a bit about design ideas. First and foremost, Cyberpunk Trashcan being a comedy, I wanted a book that said “Here’s something different” on the cover. The list of Cyberpunk artists who work in unique looks is pretty low, but I sent off an e-mail to Josan Gonzalez, a Spaniard King, and luckily for me he had time. Josan’s The Future is Now series is amazing and I thought his art would really make the book something special visually. And he definitely delivered. Alright, this ain’t communist Russia so enough Stalin. … … Eh? You laughed. I know.


Wewlad. Tell me that ain’t a glorious piece of book. TELL ME IT AIN’T. Okay. Enough of that. Interior.

The idea behind the interior was to evoke that cyberpunk classic feel a bit more than the cover, maybe trend into vaporwave a bit even, since who doesn’t love aesthetic?


And that’s the book. Should be up soon. Go buy a copy. It’s a revolution. Maybe. Probably.

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