Cyberpunk Trashcan Almost Here and A Con in August

Whew. I said I was going to do one of these. We’re finally getting around to it.

So let’s talk Cyberpunk Trashcan for a second. At the moment, all final changes are in. Editing is done. All I have to do is lay the book out and do some design for the interior and cover. Don’t have the cover yet, but should within the week and then I will do the layout work. Not exactly sure what I want to do with it, but I definitely have a feel I want to go for. We’ll see how it winds up. Still, we’re looking at a week or so at the outside for it to be up. After that, I will have to do some serious quick ordering to get them in time for the upcoming convention I’ll be doing. Maybe a little sneak peek of the cover?


It’s gonna be amazing. Art will be by Josan Gonzalez. He’s an amazing guy. Real champion of Cyberpunk art as well.

And hey! What a segue that was! Classic! People are heralding it as a segue for the ages! And now it’s been focused on for too long and you sort of forgot what we were talking about. Well, we were talking about a convention I’m going to.

It’s going to be a sad affair, I know that. No one will intentionally be stopping by my booth. Haha. I have no friends here. So that’s fun. But I will not be deterred! If I can convince someone to actually care about the shit I put so much work into, it’ll be worth it. Not financially or even emotionally, but as a matter of principle. Delusion that I will have a following one day is, I have to say, utterly necessary for my current existence. We’ll see how long the armor holds.

But that’s depressing! Let’s talk about the con itself. It’s called Northwest Comic Fest and it’s in Salem, Oregon. And I’ll be there. Not sure what table yet, but I’ll be in one of them. I got a little banner to go behind me and everything. Just like a real boy. Hopefully it goes well. I’ll definitely have No One’s Chosen, One’s Own Shadow, and My Black Beast there. Hopefully Cyberpunk Trashcan, but who knows. We’ll see if Amazon comes through with the fucking approvals in time.

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