Almost Final Husks Update; More Software Fun

OKAY! Husks is edited. Doing interior layout tomorrow, so that’s exciting! Come buy it at Orycon!

Toni Infante, my amazing cover artist for Husks: The First Book, posted up a preview. And being as I would find myself morally remiss if I didn’t post it here, I WILL!


Tell me that isn’t a glorious thing? It is. It’s beautiful. Book will be done and up in a few weeks at the most. I’m excited. VERY excited. And it’ll be at Orycon. PLEASE COME SEE ME AT ORYCON. I GET LONELY SO EASY!

On to talking about WorldMuncher a bit. I’ve got all the back-end in place. Most of the backend. I need to get some front end stuff put together. It’s all leg work at this point, really. The core functionality is coded. Well, except for a few image things. Those image things aren’t quite done yet. But I’ve got them mostly ready. So probably have an early build by end of the week that I can put up.


And that’s it! Them’s the updates.