A 2017 Sort of Update

What is a 2017 update, I hear you cry. Well, it’s a normal, boring update, just in 2017.

So let’s roll over my plan for the year and do some updates on what’s been going on.

Firstly, WorldMuncher. It’s in a basically working state and I’ll be fixing up bugs for a bit without adding any new features because I’m working on the next book.

Secondly, next book! I’m in full book-write mode. Going to try to get the whole thing done and dusted before Salt Lake City FanX in March. Gonna be a lot of work, especially finding the right cover artists, but we’ll get there. I think. I hope.

As for 2017, I’ve got a rough plan for book work that I’m, presently, hoping to stick to. It goes something like this: Valkyrie/Norse book, Husks: The Second Book (oh yeah, we titles as fuck now), SECRET PROJECT X, The Siúil Book 3.

Depending on cons I might be able to get more done but it’s hard to say at the moment. Obviously things like Husks Book 2 should go a bit quicker owing to the fact that the world is basically all done. I want to get some series going and get a few books into them so that I can more reliably fill the year with series so I can dig a bit deeper into the established worlds I’ve put out there. That’s all idealism talk but we’ll get there eventually, right? People will care about the books one day, right? Thanks if you already do! I just like pretending to be a despondent writer in my free time.

I don’t really think Newcon is worth a proper post-mortem, honestly. It was mostly an anime con I think. Still, I sold some books and I’m incredibly happy about that. Some people came by the booth from previous cons (and who read a bit during the con) with good things to say and honestly it made my entire weekend and gave me some juice to burn digging into the new book. Hopefully folks’ll follow me on the various whatevers so if they want to yell at me or lavish me with praise they can do it.

Whew. Okay. Work time. Rusty Con in a ten days. Hope to see someone there who bought a copy… and liked it. I keep telling people to throw the books at me if they hated them but one day someone’s going to do it. Really forces me to try to keep the quality up.