Weiss Update And Some Writing Rambling

Woof. Surgery. Right? Not a fan. Don’t like it. I’m not dead. In fact there’s brilliant news. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let me just bitch briefly about how awful having surgery is. I think that was my last one for a bit. I think. I’ve got this eye thing going on. Had a surgery on it and now I have a bloodshot eye all the time. It’s pretty much destroying my eyeballs right now and so as of the words “and so” I have switched to using a program which darkens up my screen so I won’t continue to slowly die of the brightness. I refuse to allow myself to use a program like f.lux because, well, I am very sensitive to color temperature changes. Don’t like it.

But that’s about enough rambling. I think I had a point to make about surgery or something but I forgot what it was because I was busy thinking about how much my eyes hurt at the moment. And my stomach. Woof again.

THE BOOK! Weiss and the Dead Girl. A series. Paranormal detective. I mentioned it briefly. Well, happily, I finally, after weeks of fruitless mind searching, feel like I broke the characters.

I used the term “broke” so I could explain what breaking means like a little shithead. It’s one of them writing terms, basically saying you have the super structure of the story firmed up. It’s referred to, most commonly, when TV writers talk about breaking the story. So you have an episode to write, and you need to block out the overall story. Once you do it, the story’s broken and you can get on with other bits. I feel like this term applies to any of the first stages of creation, so I’m using it here for my characters.

What a pompous self-serving blog. Grand. Anyway, the characters are finally structurally sound. Well, the main two. The rest are filling in around them nicely after that, since it’s much easier to do that part, right? The main two inform what sort of things will be interesting in and around them. So, Weiss is baselined, The Dead Girl is baselined. I’m fucking excited.

What this means practically is that I can now start work on the thing proper, it feels like. I can start fleshing out the meat of the story itself and the overall on-going parts. I suppose that’s part of my approach to things. Sure, I can come up with a million cool things to happen, but every story is different for every person, right? WHO is going WHERE and WHY them? Why not someone else? Which way does one guy turn at a light versus another. So I think finding the right characters there is crucial.

Anyway, no one wants to hear me wax on about my fucking writing bullshit. Main characters have meat now. They will be developed, story will be very roughly plotted out, side characters will be built around that, firm up, and then probably writing. Think I can get it done before the end of the year at this rate. Maybe. It’s damn near September already. We’ll see.