No One’s Chosen

For fifteen-thousand years, the elves have battled the hippocamp races to protect their homeland. Though it has been this way for untold ages, war will always touch some more than others.

Socair has dedicated her life to being a warrior. She is a pillar of strength and justice, but those around her do not always share her purity of motivation.

Óraithe has never led a gifted life and neither would she wish for one. The highborn elves of the desert have made her life miserable and she can think of no better way to repay them but in kind.

Rianaire is the carefree ruler of the mountain elves of the north. While her rule has given the elves of Spéirbaile an age of prosperity, not all among her court appreciate the way she has moved from the values of the past.

Aile is a Drow who loves coin and secrets. Far too pragmatic to be called a hedonist, she goes where the trail of coin leads and does what is asked, no matter the cost to those upon whom her blades are turned.

Each of them will find that war does not just occur on the fields of battle. Each of them will be touched by the cost of their own war, some more than others.

Cover Art by: Anna Dittmann


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