Cyberpunk Trashcan

A (possibly upsetting) cyberpunk adventure comedy.

You know how there’s those girls that you know but don’t really know?

Marine’s one of those girls. In a stroke of what some people would call amazing luck, a massive corporation stole something from her workshop while she was sleeping. Our protagonist, being the upstanding (and not shiftless, anti-social pervert) citizen that he is, offers to help.

And so he does.

Cover Art by: Josan Gonzalez


in the loosest sense of the term

This is the area of the site where Randall P. Fitzgerald pretends that Randall P. Fitzgerald isn’t writing Randall P. Fitzgerald’s own biography.

Randall was raised in rural North Carolina and is currently living in Portland, Oregon. He’s trying not to let the constant motion sickness caused by rapidly moving plaid destroy his productivity. Other than that, he writes books. Sci-fi and fantasy, probably. Maybe with some other stuff in there.

Requisite snide remark about Portland out of the way, Randall is continuing to refer to himself in the third person and it makes him sick. He’s going to stop writing this bio now.